THE LAND OF LIGHTS is a great light show , offered exclusively indoors .


Dancers, circus artists and musicians offer a futuristic and magical show , through an imaginary story for everyone.


All the elements come together to offer an original light show with LED luminous objects , video mapping , laser show , lighting, light juggling, poi dance, acrobatics and live music. With all new technology LED, LAND OF LIGHTS offers modern luxury show.


Performance art , dance and juggling, mixes with an original video projection mapping , a laser show and striking luminous objects in high-tech LED .

THE LAND OF LIGHTS is the story of a young woman who , after discovering a music box , surprising journey through dreams. In a case of lights , the young woman saw a succession of dreams , memories and illusions.

Step by step, she wanders into poetic moments and faces the most tormented dreams. Throughout his imaginary journey , she meets fantastic characters and marvels at all the lights that surround it. Shower lights, laser , kaleidoscope of colors, bright swirls and other special effects ; everything is magic for this young woman carefree and reckless .


LAND OF LIGHTS is an evocative story that stimulates the senses and arouses emotions ; a real magic show in a world of light.



The visual and musical spectacle , THE LAND OF LIGHTS, consists of a multitude of numbers; acrobatics , LED dance, juggling light , projection mapping , laser show .

More than 15 numbers, accompanied by live music, is this bright and musical.

Among these numbers, there include :


- Light juggling and dance with LED balls -

- Light Diabolo -

- Mapping and LED Video Light -

- Fanveils dance and laser show -

- Juggling and bright LED passing with clubs -

- Acrobatics and ground black light -

- Handling LED buugeng -

- Choreography sticks and dual LED Fantastisk sticks -

- Dance with Isis Wings LED -

- Balances on rods and lighting show -

- Choreography bright LED Poi and Viewers (Visual Poi ) -

- Choreography and manipulation with clubs LED -

- Collective dance and light juggling -


The entire show is accompanied by live music played by three musicians.

The musical repertoire was made ​​up entirely for this visual spectacle.


The musical style is a mix of futuristic sounds modern, classical and rock.


The music group THE LAND OF LIGHTS consists of : - 1 pianist / keyboard synthesizer - 1 percussionist : acoustic / electronic drums drums - One guitar : electric guitar


The music is performed live , live music following the numbers of dancers , circus artists and bright objects ; there is no sound. To listen to the musical universe of THE LAND OF LIGHTS, we invite you to discover the Official Teaser Video.


THE LAND OF LIGHTS, a light and music show


The show THE LAND OF LIGHTS, offered exclusively indoors, can occur throughout France and around the world. Many theaters can accommodate this light show: theater, concert hall, auditorium, convention center, convention center, national theater, opera, cultural space with a stage show, sports hall, exhibition center, hall casino show, zenith, arena, cabaret hall with a stage show, pasino of theater, Doks, Halle and other theater.


Some technical constraints shall be observed; it is particularly necessary to have a scene (with curtains / pendrillonage) 10 meters of opening and minimum depth of 9 meters with a black backdrop. 6 meters high are needed so that the jugglers, dancers and acrobats can evolve properly.


The room should be equipped including a grill (metal frame fixed to the ceiling for attaching projectors) and comply with the fire plan THE LAND OF LIGHTS. Fire plan required is based on a standard type of lighting; kind theater.


If you want to know more about the light show and original LAND OF LIGHTS, please contact us. If you are organizers, producers or programmers, you can download the press kit, available below.

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Light show and live music